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    +86-755-2300 6691
    EN CN
    Product introduction
    MODEL IX-WP20-12V IX-WP20-24V
    OUTPUT DC Voltage 12V 24V
    Rated Current 1.67A 0.83A
    Current Range 0~1.67A 0~0.83A
    Rated Power 20W 20W
    Ripple & Noise(max.) 100mW 100mW
    Voltage Tolerance ±2% ±2%
    Setup,Rise Time 80ms/220v AC
    Hold up Time 60ms/220v AC
    INPUT Voltage Range 170-250v AC or 120-130v AC
    Frequency Range 50~60Hz
    Power Factor PF>0.6/220v AC
    Efficiency 80% 81%
    AC Current 0.23A/220v AC
    PROTECTION Short Circuit Protection type : recovers automatically after fault condition is removed
    Overload overload protected @115-140% above peak rating
    Over Temperaturet Protection type: Shut down O/P voltage,re-power on to recover
    ENVIRONMENT Working Temperature --30~+50℃(Refer to output load derating curve)
    Working Humidity 20-90% RH non-condensing (waterproof)
    Storage Temp., Humidity -40~+80℃,10~99% RH
    SAFETY&EMC Safety Standards CE Mark (LVD),IP67
    With stand Voltage I/P-O/P:1.5KV/AC I/P-GND:1.5KV/AC
    EMC Test Standards EN55015:2013 ;EN61547 :2009;